Virtual LIVE Online Fitness Bootcamp
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Attention: Would you love to get a great workout at home (like with a beachbody tape or Youtube video), but with a Live trainer interacting with you personally to ensure your form is correct and you are not slacking?
If yes, then try a Complimentary Session
of our LIVE Online Interactive Fitness Bootcamp.  

FREE Session is only applicable if you have never done our online fitness bootcamp before.

What is the Virtual Online Fitness Bootcamp?
 It is a group fitness bootcamp class that takes place online. It is a live and very interactive session where a personal trainer leads the group just like they would at a gym. Due to technology, our trainers are now able to train people around the world and produce incredible results. At Belin Challenge Fitness Bootcamp, we have being doing the Online Virtual Fitness Bootcamp for 2 years as of today.

Because YOU are going to:

1) Reduce Stress and be healthy
2) Lose Weight
3) Save time! It is a quick 30 minute class.
5) Interact with other people to connect with people in the outside world during this social isolation team.

A computer, laptop, cell phone, or iPad device that gives you internet service. Have a bottle of water and towel with you. Dress in comfortable workout clothes and shoes. Exercise mat and weights are optional. We ask that stretch before and after the class. The class will not cover stretching but a welcome email will be sent to you that shows you all of the stretches to complete.

Are all Fitness levels able to take the class?
Yes indeed. All exercises are provided with 3 variations: one for beginners, intermediate, and advance fitness levels. Our trainers have over 13 years of experience in teaching fitness bootcamp classes.
What is a class like?

All class are just like our regular fitness bootcamp. We do Circuit Training, Hi-Interval Training, Resistance training, Bodyweight Training. All class are 30 minutes with a 5 minute cool down. The cool down is a very relaxing Mind and Body spa experience. You will leave this session stress free and feeling great. 

Will I see everyone in the group?
Yes. It is just like a regular class setting. It is an inspiring moment knowing that you are working out with people from around the world. You have the option to view yourself just the instructor or everyone else.

What are the times of the classes?
Morning  Classes
Monday/Wednesday/Friday- 6:00am
Tuesday/Thursday- 6:45am

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday -5:30pm
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday -6:30pm

Saturday -8:00am 

NOTE: More classes will be offered based on demand. All classes are eastern time and 30 minutes with 5 minute Mind/Body Cool down.


MIND BODY SPA Relaxation 
"Cool Down"
To the well-being of you, deep relaxation is as important as regular exercise and is therefore a logical addition to our class cool-down. Daily stresses can trigger physical and emotional tension that, if unmanaged, can harm your health.
Therefore, the last 5 minutes of the session is a spa relaxing moment where you are able to connect your Mind and Body together with tranquil music in a relaxing cool down experience. Some sessions the instructor guides you on a mindless journey to end up at a peaceful abyss. While other sessions, the instructor provides motivational and inspirational messages to help you jump start your day.
11 Day Challenge
11 Day Challenge:

✔️4 weeks of bootcamp sessions (3 times a week)
✔️14 Day Meal Plan 
✔️14 days of supplements 
✔️14 days of Breakfast and Dinner meals included in a shake form
✔️14 days of fat loss and waist reduction coaching
✔️ Ab Flatten Workout designed to reduce your waistline during the challenge
✔️Daily/Weekly Accountability 
✔️Group Support
✔️ 2 Week Maintenance plan after the challenge (this is optional and an additional cost). This maintenance plan includes a 2 week meal plan to help maintain your results and further cement your 11 Day Fat Burning habits. This also includes a Dinner meal shake.

Average results:
a) 9-11 lbs of weight loss
b) 3-4 inches loss from the waist
c) 1-2 inches loss from the hips
d) Reduced and controlled sugar cravings
e) Better eating habits
f ) Increase energy levels
g) Clear and more radiant complexion 

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