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What are you giving up for Lent on this Wednesday?

Give up SUGAR and improve your health! 

Eliminate your sugar cravings,
 and feel and look great.

Did you know the average American swallows at least a whopping 22 teaspoons a day of added sugars? That’s an extra 228,000 calories, or over 36 pounds of body fat! 

What is the 40 Day "No Sugar" Challenge?

We challenge you for 40 days not to consume any food or beverages that contains  ADDED sugars. This means no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other whole foods are acceptable and recommended. 

The 40 Day "No SUGAR CHALLENGE" will officially start on 3/1/20. But on Ash Wednesday (2/25/20) to March 1, we start preparing you for the challenge with alot helpful information that will ensure your success.
Exercise is NOT a requirement to do this challenge. 
However, we do recommend it for a balance healthy lifestyle.

Goal and Objectives of the Challenge

In 40  Days you should be able to:
• Eliminate your Sugar Cravings 
•Reduce your belly and lose weight 
• Flip the switch from tired out to fired up
• Slow down the clock on aging skin & improve your skin complexion
• Cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases
• Learn how to read food labels and be a smarter-healthier food shopper
• Become more educated and conscious about your nutrition regarding sugar and its effects on your health.
• Develop new nutrition and eating habits
• Spiritually recharge your relationship with God (if desired)

The 40 Day "No Sugar" Challenge Meal Package

In this package you will receive:

1) Instructions on how to Read food Labels which will make you a smarter and healthier shopper

2) List of the 50 Forbidden Sugars

3) Checklist and guide on How to fight your Sugar Cravings when they seem overwhelming

4) Samples of "No Sugar" Breakfasts, Lunchs, Dinners and snacks

5) "No Sugar" Recipes with cooking instructions to give you alternative foods to replace your old sugary foods

6) Educational material about the affects of sugar on your skin, belly, emotions, weight and overall health

7) Access to a Private Facebook Group where you will be with others for support and motivation during this 40 days

8) Access to our online staff to receive direct answers for any questions you have

9) Weekly Accountability and check ins from our support staff to keep you focus and motivated

10) Weekly Weigh-ins

11) Weight Loss strategies/tips (if your goal is weigh loss)

We know you are on the go! So use our Powerful Mobile  Nutritional App -- 

With this 40 Day challenge you will get our nutritional mobile app which will provide you the following:  

A) Access to your grocery list
B) 50 List of Sugars not to eat
c) Allow you to send and receive messages from our nutrition staff to guide you and motivate you along the way.
D) Access to the daily recipes and daily education lesson
E) Track you weight progress
F) Daily Motivation messages
H) Daily Coaching/Accountability questions and To Do List to make sure you are getting the proper guidance you need

This app is connected to the powerful nutrition machine (program) that our staff uses to create our nutrition meal plans like the 11 Day Challenge and to service our private nutrition customers.  

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You love Sugar, but Sugar does not love you back!

She Took our 21 Day "No Sugar" Challenge
Hear her results and imagine what you can achieve with double the time in 40 Days.
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